Basketball is a fun game to bet with the large number of games that are on the game board each fall between college ball and the NBA. It is possible to make some money betting on the game, if you know what you are doing. If you follow some common sense basketball betting tips, your chances of winning more games than you lose to increase. There are five basketball betting tips to consider the next time, if you keep the sports betting head.
Do you know the starting grid

You would not have to put on a baseball game without knowing who was the pitcher, would you? The same logic applies for basketball. You need to be aware of what will look the entire starting lineup, before you seek to place your bet. Just because a team could have a number of lineup most of the time does not mean that every game will be the same. College teams in particular are working on new starter from time to time, if they have a deep bench. Research is always the team that you are betting and to ensure that the best players play before you bet money on it. You do not want to place a bet, and then turn on the TV and watch your star players get a day off.
Take the Money Line Instead of a small point spread

If you think the underdog will win and the point spread is less than three points, take the money line bet instead. Normally, when an underdog wins in games on a small point spread, it’s downright victory and not just a point-spread victory. The money line bet more money would do for the risk than the point spread victory, back. This will help to increase. Their profits in the long run for not much more risk It is not recommended to do this for a favorite but, because the favorite is, spend more money on a money line bet, than on the point-spread risk.
Do not be a Homer

A homer in gambling is someone who always bet on his or her own favorite sports team. While your team spirit is admirable, this is not an effective long-term betting strategy. Like it or not, your favorite sports team is not likely to go undefeated. Use your judgment when betting on a game with a team that you like. If it really is a good bet, go for it. But do not let your personal loyalty a dent in your wallet. Always look on the full slate of games every week for betting opportunities.
Benefit less popular games

This rule is especially for college basketball. There are many small schools are playing with basketball teams in smaller conferences. Vegas is not always experts on each team that is out there. If you get a Saturday with a ton of games planned, look for the less popular games for some opportunities. Chances are you could use a line or two that might give you an advantage. Start watching some of these teams, if you can, and you will immediately notice when it set a bad line through a book.
Follow sharp line moves

Sharp is a word used in the game to describe a professional weather. A line passes on the road, when a ton of money goes in on one side of the line. The casino is raising or lowering the point spread, to try to stop borrowing money. If you know the public is strongly favored a team, but then suddenly the line goes in the opposite direction, it may be because, sharps are settling serious money for the team, not like the public. Following the bran is a common betting strategy in basketball and other sports.

Betting on basketball can be fun, but it’s an even better time if you actually make money. Follow some common sense tips to increase your chances of winning. Do you know follow you the starting lineups on a daily basis for the teams. Pay attention to line moves and adjust accordingly during the week. Look for opportunities with lesser known schools who may not know the Vegas odds maker as well.