South Africa has had a long and rocky road with gambling in the past. It was a time of Prohibition, when it banned altogether if the only action you could find was a private game in someone’s back room. This was hardly ideal.

Later we gave Sol Kerzner the legendary Sun City and a number of other Sun International Resorts, draws its primary were casino gambling served at international level (and one or two other spicy elements that you would not see otherwise, without stars on her nipples ). Finally, we had legal access to exciting game – even though almost none of it was on our doorstep.

For legal reasons, none of the casinos were actually in South Africa itself, all in places like Swaziland and Lesotho, which were only accessible to more South Africans, they were. To get one, you would have to drive for hours, that is, you would definitely stay at the hotel when you got there. This was not something you could only smother for the day and do, it had to be planning.

The dawn of the new South Africa and the advent of the internet has completely changed as a common utility the pitch. We began to see licensed venues in urban centers like the Grand West Casino in Cape Town and Emperors Palace Casino, published in Johannesburg. But more interestingly, we have begun to see South Africans in online casinos, online poker rooms, online bingo sites and online sports betting sites in ever greater numbers.

South Africans soon realized the many benefits of playing in an online casino. If you play online, you need not go to km and kilometers to the nearest land-based club, where, let’s face it, some skollie would probably hold an AK-47 in the face in the parking lot as you came out and relieve your profits. This is Africa, after all.

If you play online, you may not have to deal with loud music cheesy (unless that’s what the games on your hi-fi), and you do not have to with some drunk person blows smoke in the face over employ the table away. You get to all the action and excitement that enjoy a casino offers the comfort and safety of your own home.

Piggs Peak, Silver Sands and African Palace was probably the first casinos offer their games for the players on the internet, and it quickly became clear that they on a good thing -. Online gaming is a huge growth industry in Southern Africa There is now a growing list of international online casinos, the South African players recognize, not only by playing it, but by allowing them to Rand / ZAR both as a deposit and play currency.

This shows that the major operators of the potential of the SA Online Gambling market. We are even starting to see large international companies to local domain name. It’s an exciting time for the fans of online gaming in SA, because the deals they offer to South African players get better every day. And the accessibility, the Internet offers means that play all South Africans.