When it comes to illegal sports betting, do not mess with Connecticut. The government sent an official warning to 10 sports betting websites before the third leg of the Triple Crown, she warned not to play in the state residents to advertise.

Attorney General George Jepsen and William Rubinstein of the Department of Consumer Protection sent cease or desist letters to 28 sites, some of which are licensed betting law in their own states offer, but not in Connecticut. Pages from 10 countries were targeted, including Kentucky, New York, North Dakota and Pennsylvania.

“You must immediately placed cease and desist from accepting bets from the state of Connecticut,” said May 20 letter.

After CalvinAyre.com, the measure was an attempt to protect Sportech and Connecticut off-track betting parlors. Sportech operates online and telephone betting and 15 off-track betting outlets and sports bars in Connecticut under the brands winner. The website, MyWinners.com is the only website legally allowed to offer parimutuel betting. The state gets 3.5 percent of the taxes from the operation.

“No other place is regulated here or pay the tax that should receive the state,” Sportech said in a press release. “Our activities are closely monitored by the Department of Consumer Protection, which ensures that the highest standards of player protection are in place for local residents. What’s wrong with the internet?”

“It is a question that has come on our radar screen,” Rubenstein said. “About a year or so ago, we approved our licensees do Internet And then we began to think.” Well, what’s wrong with the internet “And it took a while to make sure that we were correct and in our analysis who were all players. ”